>Brooks & Dunn Balloon


As I was driving home I noticed the Brooks & Dunn hot-air balloon looked like it was going to fly over Camp Geezer.

I was a couple of miles away so I called Mrs. G and told her to go outside with the camera.

These are a few of the shots that she took.

B&D were appearing at the Idaho Center last night.


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  1. >Completely off topic ole hoss.Do you know if the “Star” movie is available in anyway?I understand from my first reading, though the “make a wish” people underplayed it, that there was a local filmmaker who made a full length movie of stars heroism.Not to be demanding, but is there anyway, you might dig into your hickish idahoin potatoe farming foolishness, learn how to write english with more than just an X on a contract, and see if a popular demand might get that movie published in a small release?(btw, my bashing of idaho was based on the whole “hate idaho” thing that . . .was it michael? started, it was just a joke)Btw, hows mrs geezers foot? clearly not that bad, she might be able to take care of dragging the deer this season.

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