>Texas Roadhouse for Dinner? – Nope.

>”Claim: A Texas Roadhouse manager requested compensation for business lost due to the fatal shooting of two police officers.

Status: True. “

This sounds so unbelievable I thought it was a joke. Nope.
I enjoyed my last visits to the Texas Roadhouse but I’m never going there again

In May 2006, Fairfax, VA Police Detective Vicki Armel and Master Police Officer Michael Garbarino became the departments’ first two officers killed on duty. They were gunned down by an assault weapon-wielding madman who was subsequently shot by police.

…In asking for the a waiver of the fines, the unbelievably insensitive letter pointed out that the restaurant had lost over $5,000 in sales the night of the shooting and $4,000 in sales during each funeral procession in the two weeks that followed.

These are just some of the quotes. Click the link to read the whole unbelievable story.

Urban Legends: Texas Roadhouse:


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  1. >We don’t have any of them in the Portland area, so I have nothing to boycott, but they would have to go a long way to beat Buster’s BBQ, anyway.

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