>Near and Far


Can you see the truck on the hilltop in the center of the top picture?

See what it looks like Zoomed In in the lower photo.

That’s how far I had to walk on a recent deer hunting expedition.
It was about a mile, according to the GPS.

Trust me, it was a lot more when you have to walk up and down the hills and around the brush.
Imagine trying to do it quietly while trying to remain hidden from some deer which were hiding in the thicket in the top photo.

Good thing I had my friend Robert there to carry the deer back to the truck.


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  1. >Robert?I thought Mrs. Geezer needed to work her foot? Don’t you care about her health? She should have carried that kill back.:) (sorry, I just find that funny, cuz My brother made his wife “push” their mattress up the stairs, even though he and I were both pulling MUCH harder than she was pushing, but we made as though she did it herself. Flogging funny crap, considering that my big bro and I both over 200Lb’s were covered in sweat, and my brothers barbie like wife was barely strained physicaly lecturing us, while our pores were dishing out stock pot like volumes of sweat. Just a memory, my bro and I are like that)

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