>139 Million Dollar Picasso Damaged by Elbow

Steve Wynn accidentally poked his elbow through a Picasso.
The painting had just been sold for 139 Million Dollars but the buyer hadn’t taken possession of it yet. The accident happened during a tour he was giving to some guests, before it was taken away.

I once had a motorcycle tip over and scratch my garage floor. It didn’t do $40,000,000 worth of damage though.
Oh, did you notice that part of the girl’s face is a penis?

The New Yorker: The Talk of the Town:


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  1. >I wouldn’t toss my own shit at this painting.But I occasionaly buy food from walmart! Why do the same people who hate the fact that I buy inexpensive food, support the idea that this . . . . .canvas with paint tainting the divinity of it’s well created fabric, shouldn’t be covered with my own feces, hate the fact that I get to eat Shrimp, or scallops, or lobster without being bankrupted?OH! thats right, they are “intelligent”/stupid in an arrogant way. and I’m Stupid/uneducated, but highly useful if you want to fix your house, or rebuild your computer, or replace a “pico-fuse” or create an “island” or BULD A FRIGGEN HOUSE!)Since I think this “art” is just “scribblings on and with expensive media” I’m an urbane fool, who can only contribute things like, BUILDING FRIGGEN HOUSES!Elbows should go through every one of these stupid friggen “art” aspects, BTW, canvas? is TOUGH! VERY hard to break, the painting wasn’t damaged by a “turn” it was either damaged before, or it was a drunken stumble requiring ALL of wynns pissant weight to “poke” a hole in that painting.I would like to see anyone empty a canvas bag of potatotes, tomatoes, or whatever fruit root or vegetable that they bring home from an orchard or farm. Try it.AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!

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