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  1. >My uncle always had a personalized liscense plate. He would always buy brand new lincolns, he had a spanking new 83 town car, which I FLOGGING LOVED, and I want to own one myself, anyways.Once I was old enough to drive, and when I purchased my first car, I decided to compete with my uncle dave who’s vanity plate was a variation on our last name (which isn’t witty, but it’s definately memorable, my last name is much more distinct than my first, and I don’t share either if I can avoid it) but lets assume his last name was Pinto, well, we would compete, for the rights to having the Personalized plate of “pintoster”It was kinda funny, cuz I went through a lot of cars, and would have to re-order all the time, meanwhile he would reserve, THE BASTARD!!!but reading this, just made me think of that.

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