>Foot Update

It’s not broken. We went to the Foot Doc and had it x-rayed yesterday.

No break but still very swollen. The doctor advised her to walk on it frequently.

I advised her to bring me lots of sammiches.

Thanks to the Innocent Bystanders for their support.


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  1. >The doctor advised her to walk on it frequently.Really? Hm, so Foot Doctor said “Butch up and walk it off” eh? Not the remedy I’d suggest, but then I’m not a doctor. Get well soon, Mrs. RG!

  2. >Mrs. Geezer, please feel free to say “Owww! Owww!” with every step you take. You deserve sympathy, so milk it for all that it’s worth. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. >I’m glad Mrs. RG’s foot’s not broken. I hope she didn’t hurt herself too badly laughing when you told her to bring you sammiches. PattyAnn

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