>Another Bruise. On the Foot This Time.

Mrs. Geezer was filling a BIG wheelbarrow with dirt.

It tipped over.

She caught it with her foot.

Note to Self…


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  1. >Pictures of your wife’s injuries are interesting, but I think we’d all be OK with it if she’d stop hurting herself. Damn. Looks like half of her is 8 months pregnant.

  2. >Note to self: “Do the manly work instead of foisting it off on the little lady.”

  3. >Sorry about the injury. The butt-bruise pictures were much better. They were smokin’ hot! But that’s just me. (RG, tell me if she blushes.)

  4. >(RG, tell me if she blushes.)Yep.Jeff, I was er, doing uh, Guy Stuff.Yeah, that’s it.

  5. >Awww. Hope her foot heals up soon!

  6. >Has she had an X-Ray?Because that looks worse than just a soft flesh bruise to me.-lauraw

  7. >Poor Lady Godiva! Take care of her, old man.

  8. >Ouch. Looks much like my wife’s foot did after we dropped a 200-lb TV on it. Nothing broken, thankfully, but it took more than a month for her to walk normally and without pain. What’s the prognosis for Mrs. Geezer?

  9. >X-ray is scheduled for tomorrow. Everybody shamed me into it.

  10. >I have a joke, but I will withold it, clearly, now that you and your wife had your “OH shit, how did that happen” joke, you are serious.I bet she’s fine, but she will likely have to be restricted, as in limping only cuz of a cast, or a cast boot, or whatever it’s called.Though, (I’m a fan of universal beauty) Mrs. OG has nice feat, look at them geezer, at least the one that doesn’t look like “the alian” is about to burst out of it. It is well shaped, slim, and she doesn’t have non-axial toes.Nice feat, Eddy Murphy would aprove in the way he disliked robyn givvens in “Boomerang.”Nice feat, makes cold weather cuddling even better, though the toenails are a little long, but she’s a chick, and chicks are like that.


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