>Two Minutes to Tragedy

>click for photoOur Farrier (horse shoer) is an avid deer hunter. He is in the record book as harvesting the 4th largest deer in Idaho. He invited us to go along with him to scout out new territory for his upcoming hunt.

We got up at 4am to be able to get there before dawn. I was driving as it began to get light when he said “Slow down around here because there are a lot of deer and elk that cross in the next mile or two”.
About 30 seconds after he said that, I noticed a car on the shoulder on the left side of the road. It was facing the wrong way and there were 3 guys standing next to it.

As we passed by, I noticed that the top of their car was all smashed in, my first thought was they had just rolled the car. I stopped, turned around and went back.
The 3 guys looked pretty shaken up. Two of them had cuts on their face. None of them could speak English but my Farrier is fluent in Spanish. Apparently an Elk had jumped out of the bushes on the side of the road and ran in front of them. Imagine what happens when a 600 pound object hits a windshield on a car going 60 miles per hour.
They told us the Elk was still alive after they hit him so we got out to make sure he was out of his misery. We walked down to where he was and discovered that he had died from the impact.

I believe our Guardian Angel protected us. Two minutes earlier and that Elk could have been through our windshield.


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  1. >Illegals?No Drivers Licenses, no insurance and can’t speak English. I report, you decide.One of the guys was acting kinda Hinky. Mrs. G had our back during the time we were there.I don’t *think* they were drug smugglers but hat was to keep them from borrowing *our* car?

  2. >What do you do with the dear when you hunt it?

  3. >the dear Hey I spelled it right 3 out of 4 times.

  4. >A guy hit an elk in his Suburban a couple of miles out of town (this was about three years ago). He was OK, but the Suburban looked like it ran into a wall. Massive animals.

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