>What’s Up, Athol?

>Athol is the name of a north Idaho community. Yeah, it’s pronounced just like you think.
One of the residents has cashed in on the name by selling Athol stuff:

“Items include coffee mugs that say ‘I’m a real Athol without my coffee,’ and bumper stickers that say ‘Prevent Colon Cancer, Get Your Athol Checked.’

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  1. >I’m picturing a road sign that says “You Are Now Entering Athol.”

  2. >Now that’s funny.Mike is the very clever guy who had the great idea to turn punctuation marks into comic strip characters.

  3. >”Home is where Athol is.””Fight Kelo vs. New London! Get your hands off my Athol!”

  4. >When I did my missionary thing, a group of us went to a baseball game in Toronto. Their second baseman was Damaso Garcia. The announcer pronounced it “Dum ass o.” Whenever he made a play, the section we were in would chant: “Way to go, Dum ass o.” Pretty funny for a bunch of Canucks.

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