>Crocodile Hunter R.I.P.

>I always liked watching Steve Irwin. He was goofy, sure but he had a lot of fun. He made us smile.
Condolences and prayers for his family and friends.
I first read about his death at Ace of Spades.


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  1. >The sad thing was, for all his knowledge of wildlife, he did exactly the wrong thing when he was struck by the ray’s barbed tail. Essentially, he killed himself with his mistake.He instinctively reached down and ripped it out of his chest, increasing the size of the hole in his heart to about what a large-caliber bullet would have made, and the result was the same: he died immediately.Seeing how far he was from help, he may have been doomed anyway, but if he had thought it through, and left the barb imbedded in his chest, his heart might have functioned somewhat anyway, and the heart muscle would have closed around the barb, and he might have lived long enough to be removed from the water alive, and maybe long enough to have been maintained alive until surgery to remove the barb.What a waste of a life, but there are times when you have to ignore your instincts, and think something through. Irwin didn’t, and paid the ultimate price for it.

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