>Shocker: Global Warming Caused by The Sun

>Well actually by Sunspots.

More about why Solar fusion activity is the primary
mechanism for climate change on Earth — not people!

This is a study in two observations made over the last 400 years: observed annual sunspot numbers and derived global temperatures. The sunspot numbers were recorded by various solar observers since Galileo’s
time. Temperatures have been derived from scientific evidence such as
ice and earth cores, tree ring data and several other valid methods.

Be sure to watch the little animation at the bottom created by Cap’n Bob
(Correlation between Solar Activity and Global Temperature)


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  1. >Sir, are you suggesting that the words “SUN” and “WARM” have some kind of connection? Allow me to correct your spelling. It should be “SUV” and “WARM”. Good day, Sir.

  2. >Elzbth – lol.That picture of you with the lampshade on your head, at HayZeus, is just how I pictured you.(I know it’s not really you).

  3. >I have debated on a message board about this in the past. They have noticed global warming on Mars and now Pluto. How did my SUV cause that? Last time I checked it did not have an impulse or warp drive.

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