>They’re Gone

We’re already planning more stuff to do next year when they come back.

Scroll down to see some of the things we did this year.


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  1. >You people have way to much fun.I hate you all.d in t

  2. >Lots of fun pics. Good job Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Those are lucky kids.

  3. >Thanks skinbad. The next time you drive to Seattle, you will pass within 2 miles of my house. I expect a drive-by visit.We’ll have pie and coffee, I mean Ovaltine.

  4. >Wow! You and Mrs. R.G. sure know how to throw some vacation. Are you involved in the Mounted Shooting? I saw that once and loved it.I want to come next year.pattyann in t (but not where d in t is–by the way, d, is the pool finished? It’s going to be 105° today and I can bring the beer)

  5. >”We’ll have pie and coffee, I mean Ovaltine.”*Thinking about it like Steve Martin in The Jerk* (When you get rich and famous, send me a postcard)OK. It’s a deal!

  6. >We haven’t tried the Mounted Shooting yet. We have started desensetising the horses to gunfire though.

  7. >That was an excellent and memorable vacation. And you did a wonderful job of pre-Geezer training, too.

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