>Idiot Runs Traffic Signal

>Here’s a little Quick Time video I guarantee you will watch more than once.

Idiot runs traffic signal.

Anybody know any more about this clip?

H/T Kelso.


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  1. >Wow. Talk about threading the needle eh? Whoever that was must be thanking his guardian angel and blessing the brakes on the SUV that nearly creamed him.

  2. >I’m thinking it’s a fake…it just doesn’t seem possible, and nobody reacts at all.

  3. >I don’t know, Mike. It seems like that black car slows down and the pedestrians stop for a second.You might be right though.

  4. >Yeah, now I see that…the car hits his breaks, and almost swerves very slightly.

  5. >Hey, I was running late.

  6. >There’s a bunch of smoke on the far side of the intersection that came from the violator car, and it appeared that said bozo struck the curb. He may also have traded paint with the bumper of one of the crossing cars.My guess is that it’s an eluder, since there is so much evidence of stopped vehicles in his lanes of traffic and cross traffic opposing.

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