>So I Found This Owl

It’s just a little Visual Joke for the Innocent Bystanders and the Ace of Spades crowd.
It’s supposed to be a visual joke on one of the commenters named, Spurwing Plover.

I stopped for gas and noticed a Plastic Owl sitting next to the pump. I go inside and ask the attendant, “What’s with the Owl?”.
“What Owl?” he replied.
“There’s an owl out there by the pump, I’m going to take it if it’s not yours”.
“Be my guest”.

After taking the picture, I brought the owl home and tied it in the tree.
It should scare the crap out of Mrs. Geezer.
Don’t worry, she never reads this blog.


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Just another Old Retired Geezer in the Spud State.

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  1. >So, Mrs. Geezer not a fan of the hooters eh? I’ve got one of those myself, and he sits right outside of my bedroom window. We’ve got a lot of pigeons around here and he does a pretty good job of keeping them away from my patio just underneath my window. I don’t have near the pigeon poo problems a lot of my neighbors have.

  2. >I like!Enas: Good idea. 🙂

  3. >Enas, She likes all living things except Snakes (on or off planes).She will just crap when she sees this big f’n bird in the tree about eye level.

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