>Trailer Training MY Horse


DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional horse trainer.
Don’t try this yourself.

Here’s a series of pictures that show how easy it was for me to get a horse into a trailer.

In the first photo, you can see my device that keeps the trailer tongue from flying up in the air when the horse puts his weight into the back of the trailer.

I dug a 3′ deep hole in the ground, hung a heavy chain into the hole and filled it up with 3 bags of post mix. That’s about 150 pounds.
After the cement had hardened, I hooked up a Quick Link and ring.
I ran the safety chains from the trailer through the ring and hooked them over the tongue.
It’s hidden by the plastic garbage can I use to keep them from eating the wires.

Horses don’t like enclosed places. They are prey animals and want to be able to flee.

Full Disclosure:
Hunter, the gelding has ridden in the trailer a couple of times.

Peaches, the pinto filly has never been inside a trailer.

I started coaxing him into the trailer with some hay.

He pawed the floor mat about 30 times, sniffed and snorted then put his weight on one foot.

He finally decided it was safe enough to come in and eat the hay.

Peaches saw that nothing bad happened to Hunter so she put her front feet inside.

Pretty soon she was inside with him.

We didn’t let the lead mare in with them because she would chase them out and maybe cause them to get hurt.

Total elapsed time to get Peaches in the trailer was about 15 minutes.
Now she jumps in there whenever you open the door.

CAUTION: You should never try this on your own without professional help.

For entertainment purposes only.

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  1. >The looks on their faces in those first few pictures is priceless.Adorable, adorable.

  2. >When I was growing up, we used Omolene as the bait, and the brute force method (a rope across the back of the horse’s haunches) as the stick. I like your method better.

  3. >Granted, I know nothing about horses, but those are pretty horses. “R.G. The Trailer Whisperer”

  4. >Howdy,I worked on a horse farm all through high school and we used a very similar method to get the horses used to going in to the trailer. It was a different story when we tried to get our monster Chianina bull into a trailer!

  5. >It was a different story when we tried to get our monster Chianina bull into a trailer!I’m thinking that bull is not related to a Chia Pet.You probably didn’t link arms behind him and lift his butt into the trailer…

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