>Helen Thomas is Sexy

>People were complaining about the picture, so I hid it here.
It’s Safe For Work but not around timid teenagers.

Funny stuff by my Canadian Brother from a different Mother:

Although Helen’s face now looks like a pinata that was beaten mercilessly by crack addicted Mexicans, she still has a certain sex appeal. Even though when Helen smiles, angels and orphans cry, Helen still exudes sexuality. Even though Helen has a busted face and a body that even coroners wouldn’t perform an autopsy on for fear of getting her on their fingers, she still has a certain charm.

Mitchieville: Helen Thomas is Sexy


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  1. >Hmnn…haven’t checked in at Blog Idaho all weekend. Wonder what my buddy Pat is up to – Auuugggghhhh! My eyes! My eyes!!!

  2. >Get the Eye Bleach!! Aaagghghghghgaaa!!Dammit man, that’s hideous. (runs away)

  3. >Okay, enough with the gargoyle. Could you please post something (anything!) else to push this picture down the page a bit?

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