Spring is my favorite time of year in Idaho.
Everything is green and fresh and things are blooming.
Unfortunately, that includes weeds.
We have some agressive, Hateful weeds here on the homestead.

My least favorite is Cheat Grass.
Those little pointy, pokey seedpods get stuck in my socks and drive me nuts.
The worst thing is they get in the animals fur and start burrowing in.
If you don’t catch them, they will make terrible sores and cost you money at the Vet.

Here’s a picture of some weeds in our backyard.
Let’s see how many we can identify, shall we class?
Cheat Grass is the light-colored pointy seeds, all over the place in this photo.
Foxtails (which also hurt the animals by burrowing into their skin) are the, well, Foxtail looking things.
White Top is the white flowering weed in the upper right hand corner. It has one redeeming quality, it smells pretty good.
I forgot what the Lettuce looking weeds are.
The weeds with the round leaves are Buttonweed. They have really deep roots, you can’t pull them out by hand.
Unavailable for this photo shoot (because they were busy invading my front yard), were: Bindweed, called Morning Glory,
Tobacco weed,
Goatheads and Sticker Burrs
Blue Mustard – has darning needle shaped seed pods that will puncture tires.
Yellow Mustard
and a cast of hundreds.

If you look very closely, you can see a Baby Bunny in the picture.
Click the photos to enlarge.

If the area where you live is deprived of such varied and interesting weeds, drop me a line.
I’ll be glad to send you some seeds.


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  1. >RoundUp, in the big jug. Our local farm and ranch place had it last week for $97 for a 2 1/2 gallon jug of the super-concentrate.If you have a lawn, go easy on the irrigation and mow twice a week, with a bagging attachment on the mower. The bagger will suck up the seeds before many of them germinate.I wish I still had my old Killer Kane, a tube-style weed-killer dispenser that you pushed into the weed and it would release just a few drops of 2,4,5T solution (unavailable now). My Kane cracked and fell apart from old age, but I still have two tubes of the concentrated little pills that went into it.I may try to make another one out of PVC pipe, if I can find something to use for the little dispensing valve.

  2. >Hi: I have a similar problem to yours – I always loved my Killer Kane weed killer – devastated to find out the little tablets are no longer available. My dispenser tube is in perfect condition – I have a suggestion! You can sell me the two tubes of Killer Kane tablets!! I go to yard sales and everything shows up eventually – if I ever see another dispensing tube I will buy it and let you knowand if you ever have the chance to buy more tablets please let me know. I live in British Columbia just 40 miles north of the U.S. border. Thanks, June

  3. >June look on your killer kane for a manufactur or maybe even a pat: Number, Im sure someone is making these, it was such a simple but effective device. If you can e-mail me back markfromark@hotmail.com I live in Kansas. TX Mark

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