>Regional Differences

>Ever notice how people from different parts of the country, call things by different names?

I’m going to run a little quiz.
I would prefer that you email the answers to me, so we don’t influence the results, but you can put your answers in the comments if you must.

  1. What do you call the big knob that some people put on the steering wheel of their car or tractor?
  2. In Idaho, there is sometimes a solid white line on the right side of the road. What do you call it in your state?
  3. If you go out in a dirt area and spin your car around and around in a circle, you would be doing what?
  4. What do you call the area between the Eastbound and Westbound lanes of the freeway?
  5. I’ve noticed some vehicles have “In Memory of ___” signs painted on their rear windows. Do people do that where you’re from?
  6. What do you call the Orange Marker Lights that people put on the roof of their pickup trucks?

Please email me with your answers and tell me what part of the country you’re from.
Tell me what unusual names people have for things in your town.


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  1. >For me, the quickest way to get a read on where someone is from is ask them how they pronounce the word “creek”, as in a small stream. Great Plainers (and even some Idahoans) pronounce it “crick”, while most incorrectly say it has the same pronunciation as “creak”.

  2. >while most incorrectly say it has the same pronunciation as “creak”Really? Are you kidding me?Nevertheless, that’s a good regional indicator.

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