>Polar Bear Attack

A huge Polar Bear ripped into this tent and attacked a man.

He was able to get his gun and shoot it during the attack.

Content Warning: NSFW photo of his wounds.

Another one.

H/T Adrienne.


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  1. >This story should be filed under the caption of “Never Give Up”. He’s badly chewed up, but he’s alive and will live to tell about it, because he DIDN’T GIVE UP. He fought through the attack and got to his gun, and using it saved his life.I wish I could show this to every anti-gunner out there.GUNS defend PEOPLE!

  2. >I remember well my Boy Scout training-“Never keep food in the tent!” I wonder if this poor guy did that?

  3. >Yeah, he left food in the tent . . . him!

  4. >What a retarded pro-guns argument. 'Gun saves lives', so does not camping out in the wild in a giant tent presenting yourself as a possible food source.

  5. >Come on people. Think a bit. Why would a polar bear attack a person who doesn't even smells like his normal food. Because his hunting area is desapearing (melting down). All because of countries like the USA that por tons os CO2 into the atmosphere. Thanks to you guys much more will happen in a near future. And no stupid red neck gun will save you all. Tell that to your starving kids ore grandchildren in some years.

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