>World’s Best Crimefighting Dog


What’s the best crimefighting dog of all time?
Snoopy the Beagle in Peanuts.
Moses, Dave’s Beagle in Texas.
Road Warrior’s Blue Heeler.
Lauraw’s Blue Heeler.
Fluffy, Bruce Wayne’s Shii Tzu.
Rin Tin Tin.
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  1. >I know I left off some amazing Crimefighting dogs;Sam the World’s Ugliest Dog R.I.P. and Underdog to name a couple.Who else did I forget?

  2. >Looks like Moses is winning again, though I would have voted for Underdog just because I like the name. Snoopy is the world’s best World War I Flying Ace, though.

  3. >The best one would have been Smoke, a German Shepherd Patrol K-9 I worked along side of for several years. I wasn’t a dog handler, but I usually covered the dog handler and Smoke while he was busting fences, etc on the track of a bad guy.Smoke was worth any of the next 6 deputies, myself included.There are some things a dog can do better, that’s all.

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