>Baby Horse Shot


Penicillin shot, to be exact.

Bandit, the neighbor’s new foal has developed a snotty nose.

The neighbor and Mrs. G don’t do injections.

She catches the horses and mellows them out and I do the dirty deed.

Penicillin is a thick, chalky substance.

The needle needs to be big so the fluid will flow through the tip.

Needless to say, the mama doesn’t like the procedure.

It can be dangerous if the baby gets too wild. The mama can drop you with one kick.

Even the baby can hurt you pretty bad with it’s hard pointy feet.

We completed the task with a minimum of hurt feelings.

Not too bad for a couple of City Slickers from Las Vegas.


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  1. >Poor baby. 😦 That needle looks wicked.

  2. >That needle is huge! If I ever get a runny nose I am staying far away from retired lighting experts/sprinkler doctors.

  3. >I don’t know what method you use, but I find that it’s easy to get in there and pop the needle in separate from the syringe, wait for them to calm down a few seconds, and then screw the syringe on. πŸ™‚

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