>Mrs. Geezer’s Big Fruit Basket

Our son sent her a Big Gift Basket for Mother’s Day.

She used to work at a florist in Las Vegas.

One of her jobs was making the Fruit and Goodie Baskets.

She was very impressed with the one she received.

So here’s a free plug for Vintage Floral in Nampa, Idaho.

The people at Vintage Floral know us as “The place with all the wild bunny rabbits”.

Tomorrow I will tell you about *my* Mothers Day gift to her. It’s the perfect gift for a Senior Citizen Lady Geezer.
At least I thought so.


About Retired Geezer

Just another Old Retired Geezer in the Spud State.

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  1. >Very nice. Your son is the kind of guy who makes the rest of us look bad. My mom just got an awkward phone call. We’re not too good at the heartfelt expressions–even when the moment calls for it.

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