>Mrs. Geezer and the Floss From Hell.


We were driving into the Big City, (Boise), the other day. Mrs. Geezer was behind the wheel (She’s an Excellent Driver), and I was “Helping Her” by pointing out missed opportunities for lane changes and other choices she should have made.

We stopped for a Subway sandwich, and after the meal she asked me if I had any floss. Well, I’m a Flossin’ Fool, so I always have some kind of floss in the car. That day, the floss in the console, happened to be Gentle Gum Care, as seen in the photo. This proved to be somewhat of a misnomer, as we shall see.

She sat in the parking lot and tried to floss. There isn’t much space between her molars so she was having trouble with the floss breaking and shredding. She started making that ‘frustrated noise’ that women do… you know the one.

I looked over at her and cracked up. She had several long pieces of blue and white floss hanging out of her mouth, It looked like she tried to eat a sweater.

“ARRRRGggggggh. I can’t get this out from between my teeth. It HURTS!”

It didn’t look like floss, it looked like Yarn… from a Bulky Knit Sweater.
Fortunately I always have my Gerber Tool handy for any Emergencies, Dental or Otherwise,
but she wasn’t going for the amateur surgery and was getting madder because I couldn’t stop laughing.
I finally had to go into the store and buy some regular Waxed floss so she could get those hunks of shag carpet out of her teeth.

Note to self, laughing when your spouse is in distress, is a bad thing.


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  1. >You’d think, at your age, you would’ve figured that out already.Don’t come cryin’ when she beats your a$$.

  2. >Oh, I know… The more she glared at me, the more I couldn’t stop laughing.She doesn’t normally read blogs, mine or Innocent Bystanders. So I’m probably safe.

  3. >She doesn’t normally read blogs, mine or Innocent Bystanders. So I’m probably safe.Well, if she changes her habits and takes a look, we will remember you fondly.

  4. >GAWD… I love it! My wife (Stebbi) has floss handy all the time. Might have to go get some of that yarn just as a practical joke.Gotta be good for a laugh or two.

  5. >That “Glide” really thin floss is one of the great inventions of mankind.

  6. >skinbad’s tight molarsLOL.Thanks, I’m going to get some next time I’m at Walmart.

  7. >I had a good laugh one time at Mr. Cracker, who was leaned over the sink, banging his gut on the edge of it over and over.

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