>Good Friday


I have been trying to get the time to properly tell you about church last Sunday, it was a powerful service.

We were asked to be in our seats at 9am. When we entered the room, the first thing I saw was a big cross in the back of the room. People would pray, then hammer a nail into the cross. It’s probably obvious to most of you but this was to signify that Jesus died for OUR sins. The Romans may have done the work but the blame was on each of us.

The lights were very dim, with a single spotlight on another huge cross set up center stage. It was over 7′ tall and had a red sash draped over and around it.

We found some seats and then the choir entered, dressed all in black. They filed in from behind us. As they reached the cross, each one of them paused briefly. The women each placed a red rose at the foot of the cross.

Hammering could be heard occasionally from the back of the room.

The music being played was powerfully sad. I haven’t seen “Passion of the Christ” yet, but it could have been from the soundtrack.

The Pastor had a very somber message from John 19, which included some ‘responsive reading’ from us.
“Crucify Him, Crucify Him”.
“We have no King but Caesar”.

As people felt led, they would go to the back and hammer a nail into the cross.

At the end of the service, two women carefully took down the red sash and carried it out. It looked uncannily like a body.

We all left quietly.


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  1. >Oh wow. That made me tear up. It’s simply amazing just how much our Lord did for us.I hope you know just how much I love Christ. He has totally changed my life. He has given me hope and strength. He is God, and I love Him. Truly, He can give us peace that only He can give – abiding, reviving peace.Easter is always a special season for me. I can’t go to church but I keep track of the days. The day He died for us, when He suffered for us. God Himself suffered for our sins. It pains me to think how much I have made Him suffer. It always makes me want to be more faithful to Him, to glorify Him through what I do.I wish I could have been there, RG.I’ve seen The Passion of the Christ. (Actually, I should see if I can rent it. Now would be the best time to see it again.) Very moving, very powerful.God bless you for such strong faith.

  2. >Thanks for the kind words, Musli.There was a first-time visitor to the church that Sunday. One of the Ushers asked him how he liked it.He replied “It was kind of somber”.I think the Joyous service is going to happen tomorrow.

  3. >I’m sorry your circumstances prevent you from worshipping openly, Musli, but let me wish you a Happy Easter. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. >That’s a powerful story RG, thanks for posting it.

  5. >Hey RG, you ever hear of a band called Orange County Supertones? They’ve got a song called “Louder Than The Mob” that would fit your post. It’s about how we’re all responsible for Christ being crucified that day because it was our sins that demanded blood.I know I’m just another Judas, kiss Your faceWhile I drive the nail through Your handI know I’m just another Thomas, won’t believeUntil I feel the hole in Your handsThen I will say, my God, I see not what You seeMy God, what do You see in me?My God, crowned in gloryThe Lamb of God is worthyMy sin yells, “;Crucify!”; Louder than the mob that dayMy sin yells, “;Crucify!”; louder than any mouth.

  6. >Thanks for sharing that, R.G. Our faith deemphasizes “The Cross” nearly to the point of eliminating it from discussion. We focus more on His time in the garden when He accepts “the cup” and begins the atonement. Then we kind of skip the cross and focus on the resurrection. It’s nice to be reminded of that sadness so that the joy can be more appreciated. I was going to put up a picture I like at Michael’s, but it seems to be down. It’s by Jamie Wyeth and is called “Lifeline.” It’s a wooden structure near the sea with a life preserver and line coiled up. It looks an awful lot like a cross. I’m sure the title isn’t a coincidence. The internet version I found doesn’t do it justice compared to what I’ve seen in books. Anyway–God bless to this little group of friends.

  7. >DBS, haven’t heard of that group but it sounds like something I’d like. Great lyrics.Skinbad, please post that photo at Michaels or email it to me and I’ll host it for you.Reminds me of another album cover; apple with a bite taken out of it, the bite is stuck back in place with a two bandaids shaped like a cross.

  8. >I forgot to say the name of the album:Forgiven.

  9. >I remembered the cover slightly wrong, it only has one bandaid.http://one-way.org/jesusmusic/index.htmlclick JC Power Outlet on the left sidebar to see the original cover.

  10. >Not a very common image out there, it seems. I really only found it one place:http://fineart.elib.com/Site_index/Wyeth_James_Browning/wyeth_lifeline.jpgAs I said, this is darker than I remember, but I think there’s something there for contemplation.

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