>Birds Eat Upside Down

Well, some birds do.

One of the neat things about moving to Idaho, was the abundance of birds around our house; big ones, little ones, Hawks, Owls, Songbirds, Pheasants, Killdeer, Quail, Robins, Ducks and Geese, We see Quail all the time. It’s so cute when you spot a family running along the road. The two adults are followed by what appears to be 8-10 Cottonballs-with-toothpick-legs. That always brings a smile. One time I even saw a Chukkar in the backyard. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the Huge Turkey. I saw him wandering around the yard and went out to see if I could get close to him. Mrs. Geezer was filming from the window as I sneaked around the corner. I didn’t realize it but the Turkey had gotten behind me somehow, and was following me. Remember that bit in the Abbott & Costello movie? “Slowly I Turned… Step by Step…”. Kinda like that.

When we first moved up here, we did what a lot of people do, bought a couple of bird feeders, including a Finch Feeder. For a bird to eat out of this feeder, it has to hang upside down. Apparently the Sparrows and Wrens haven’t mastered this skill, because I never see them do it.
I think these are Goldfinches. They are eating some Really Expensive Birdseed. It’s Thistle Seed. It ought to be spendy, it’s imported all the way from Ethiopia, for crying out loud. I have often thought it might be cheaper to feed them Prime Rib, but I can’t figure out how to put it in the feeder.
Anyway, the Finches are the only birds that can eat the Thistle from the feeder because they can Hang Upside Down.

So ends the Bird Lecture for today.
Any Finches in your neck of the woods?


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  1. >Oh, and that’s NOT a toilet in my back yard, it’s one of Mrs. Geezer’s planters. I admit to having my share of Blue Tarps, but no toilets in the yard or cars-on-blocks either.

  2. >That’s what ticks me off about immigrants; they refuse to be assimilated into our culture.When you guys finally decide to conform, don’t forget, it’s…toilets in the yard…cars on blocks…..And…Broken Major Appliances on the back porch, or, if you truly wish to become “native”… put them on the front porch.

  3. >We had some birds like that (eating upside down) in NY. My dad named them “Ass-up-a-tree birds”.

  4. >Mr. Ass Weasel, does my toilet go in the front or back yard? Please advise.

  5. >Mr. Enas Yorl,My advise would be “back yard”, front yard placement (in my neighborhood) would encourage “use”, and therefore be quite undesirable.But, the option is of course yours.

  6. >I’ve been known to use the outdoor facilities myself.Um, now how do I flush?

  7. >I got 3 broken refrigerators. They make good paint cabinets or waterproof storage units. They are actually inside the shed, so I guess they don’t bolster my redneck cred very much.

  8. >My folks have a squirel and two magpies conducting a war in their backyard. Very entertaining.Did you know that goldfinches will be just as happy to eat your dandylion seeds as thistle seeds? My folks get an entire yard covered with goldfinches every summer since they don’t do anything about the dandylions. They also have hoards of house finches, the ones with the red heads.We finally have a ‘yard’ this year, a little strip of grass. Nothing more exciting than robins and starlings here so far. Maybe if the trees we’ve planted survive we’ll attract more eventually.

  9. >That’s one thing we never saw in Vegas, house finches with red markings. Some of them are quite beautiful.What part of the country do you live in?

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