>Pajama Geezer

Sometimes I go out, in the morning, to throw hay to the horses, in my Pajamas…

And my Rubber Mud Boots.

Good thing I live in the country.

Mrs. Geezer picked them out for me.

I think it’s a Christmas Theme.

UPDATE: Welcome Pajamas Media visitors (and thanks for the link).

About Retired Geezer

Just another Old Retired Geezer in the Spud State.

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  1. >Dang, how many commas can I put in that post.I’m Grammar Challenged.

  2. >Nice! I’ll give you a dollar to go grocery shopping in them.

  3. >OK, Billy, I just might take you up on that.I’ll get a photo for proof.BTW, have you ever been shopping in your bunny suit?Not counting Halloween.

  4. >Think of it as a crime-fighter suit.

  5. >I’m just glad you don’t sleep in the buff.

  6. >Think of it as a crime-fighter suit. He looks like the Tick.

  7. >The tick! Ha!!…my second guess would be the riddler!

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