>The Scary Snake

I’m inside typing on the computer when my cellphone rings, it’s Mrs. Geezer.

“There’s a SNAKE out here in the garden, hurry up”.

I picked up my camera, searched for and found the Grab-it tool and headed out the door.

The Grab-it tool is about 3 feet long , squeeze the handle and suction cups close together. It’s not good for 20 foot Pythons but it’s perfect for picking cans of soup off high shelves, and little garden snakes.

Mrs. Geezer is not amused by my tardiness.
“What did you do, stop to BLOG about it”?

As I suspected, it’s a little garden snake…
a Harmless Snake…
a Friendly Snake…
a Good Snake…
It eats bad bugs…

She doesn’t appear comforted by my explanation.
“Just take it Far-Far-Away” she orders.

I released it in the neighbors 100 acre field.

How about You… Afraid of snakes?
1. Yep
2. Maybe a little
3. Not at all.


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  1. >As a City boy, I’ve seen exactly one snake my entire life. It was when we were visiting relatives out on Long Island, and there was a garden snake (maybe only half the size of the one in your picture) underneath a tree taking a nap.I screamed and ran like I never have before, and didn’t go outside again until it was time to leave…the next day.Did I mention this was only two years ago? 😉

  2. >Last time I saw a snake I was walking around my neighborhood in the late evening and it was coming out of a neighbors yard onto the pavement as I was walking by. We hestitated and made eye contact, then both of us screamed and took off in opposite directions. It was just a little black snake.The snake in your pic tho is kind of colored like a rattle snake – altho there is a variety of snake that looks like one and tries to act like one by shaking it’s tail when spooked, but actually has no rattles.

  3. >Bull snakes, we call ’em, Jenny. Or Gopher snakes. One bit one of the dogs on the nose once, saved the dog’s life when the dog met a real rattler. He wasn’t getting close to anything like that again.Rattlesnake’s good eating. You can tell the difference because a rattler has a triangular head and the bull snake doesn’t.No need to be afraid of snakes, just cautious, and have a .22 handy in case it’s a sort you need to dispose of permanently. Oh, and they can strike after they’re dead, primative nervous system, so stick a bucket over it for twelve hours or so, ’til it doesn’t twitch when you poke it with the rake. Then you can gut it and cook it.

  4. >Boysmom is right about the Bullsnakes. Those suckers are agressive. They stand their ground and will strike if you get too close. I have a lot of gophers around here and I wish Mrs. Geezer would let me put some of them down the gopher holes.Fat Chance.

  5. >The 22 that we keep handy has a ‘snake shot’ round in the first hole in the cylinder. It’s like a little minature shotgun shell.

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