>Pony Love


Mrs. Geezer noticed the little filly and Hunter, the 3 year-old Gelding, acting all lovey dovey this morning.

They are best buddies.

Peaches, the filly, was standing over him, licking his back and rubbing him with her head.

It was making him sleepy.

Then she laid down in front of him and rolled over into his arms, so to speak.

I think he was surprised.

Photos by Mrs. Geezer.

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Just another Old Retired Geezer in the Spud State.

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  1. >It was cute to watch them play.Mrs. Geezer

  2. >aaawwwww!Cutie patooties.

  3. >Awwwww!! How SWEET! 🙂

  4. >Svo geldingur vilja sofa. Og mertrippi vilja faðma. Islenska Smáhestur segja ” hvaða a koma á óvart! “Islenska Smáhestur

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