>Modern Propaganda Techniques

The Main Stream Media has many techniques to transform the News into just about anything it wants it to be:

“…I put together a list of writing techniques I observed, and I assigned them names. My site was able to analyze news articles, reveal any hidden manipulations I detected, and post the source and analysis to the web in just minutes.
The site was pretty cool, but it had no impact whatsoever! The MSM was just too vast. A few years later there was the Blogosphere, sites like FR, Dan Rather was taken down, and my idea was superceded by reality.
Not long ago I took out my old analysis, dusted it off, and read over it. It was still rather interesting, at least to me. So I have posted the techniques I developed here, refreshing a couple of them with more recent information, so that others may have a look if they choose…”

Modern Propaganda Techniques

H/T Hay Zeus.


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