>Horses as Early Warning Systems

Horses are Prey Animals.

If you understand that concept, you are well on your way to learning how to train them.

They are also pretty good Watchdogs because they are suspicious of Everything.

If I look out my window and see them all staring at something, I go check it out.
I usually find out that it’s a stranger walking down the road or a Coyote or Pheasant or some other animal.

I was trying unsuccesfully to sneak up on these horses, to get a shot of the 3 year-old Filly (brown) and her Mama (on the right). They saw me and came to the fence to see why I was crawling on my belly, like a reptile.

Why was I sneaking up to get a picture?

Because She is STILL NURSING.

The amazing part is the Mare still lets her.
The neighbor told me that she even lets Baby Calves nurse.

3 years old in Horse Years is about 12 in Human Years.

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  1. >You mean, Jessica Simpson ain’t suppose to let me suckle anymore?Crap.

  2. >Islenska Smáhestur þakka ljósmynd af meri. Hún a heitur mamma! Geezer eiga a sófi? *Islenska Smáhestur

  3. >Já , Karlugla hafa legubekkur en ekki fyrir smáhestur. Jafnvel góður og ágætur smáhestur. Legubekkur er fyrir hundur og köttur. Gera þú hafa brauðrist?

  4. >For the benefit of those readers who don’t speak Icelandic (including Mrs. Geezer), RG and Icelandic Pony are talking dirty and coming on to each other.

  5. >We are? Dang, I thought I was selling him Brewfan’s sofa for a pile of Toasters.

  6. >Íslenska Smáhestur vita Geezer eiga fjós. * hvers vegna Geezer vilja fleiri ” brauðrist “? Engu að síður , Íslenska Smáhestur alltaf a gefa * Spyrja Michael.Íslenska Smáhestur

  7. >Yes, Pretty Icelandic Pony, but cow Toasters are not as good as Pony Toasters. Even *with* Michael’s endorsement.

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