>Inside Showbiz ~ Elvis part 2

My final job in Las Vegas, before I retired, was doing the lighting for the Jubilee Show at Bally’s.
We also had an Elvis Impersonator doing shows, on the same stage, in the afternoon.

This is Steve Connolly and I. Steve was the best Elvis that I ever worked. He is the winner of the “Best Elvis in Las Vegas” award. He had great backup singers and some excellent musicians.
I was very proud of the elaborate lighting that he allowed me to create.

During my final show, Steve stopped during his last song and gave a two-minute tribute to… me. I got a standing ovation from the audience.

I was touched by this classy gesture. I have it on videotape.

It’s one of my best memories of being a Lightman in Vegas.

Well… that and Paul Anka, of course.

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  1. >OK, Steve is doing the Elvis thing with his free hand. But Geezer, what the hell are you doing? It looks like you’re trying to point and flip the bird at the same time!

  2. >Steve cracked me up… He called this “The Presidential Pose”.Yo Grammar Nazi, should I have said “This is SC and ME”?

  3. >Yes.I was trying to be nice. Guess I’ll stop.

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