>Cardboard Cows and … Love

Mrs. Geezer thinks I’m silly but this little video really appeals to me.

Am I silly?

You Be the Judge.

The Shins:
“A sad cardboard cow sings a poignant song of loss in this offbeat Albuquerque combo’s latest vid. Singer-songwriter James Mercer gave a fan from the Israeli army a half-hearted go-ahead to make the band a video and then he forgot about it. A year later, the video showed up and here it is…”

I used a photo of Mrs. Geezer and a cow… cause that’s just how I roll.

IFILM – Music Videos: The Shins: Pink Bullets

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  1. >Dude, you are seriously silly. You’ve got the Idaho silly franchise cornered. Those cows didn’t even actually cut the kite loose when the lyrics said they were doing so. The kite actually just took off on it’s own. This kind of inattention to detail drives me crazy.Can’t help but notice that Mrs. Geezer looks like she’s got a pretty big rock on the hand that is stroking that cow, so maybe she thinks you have some redeeming characteristics to compensate for your silliness.*Michael winks at Mrs. Geezer*

  2. >Mrs. G. thought you meant that she had a ROCK in her hand to smash the cow with.*She* is the silly one.Oh yeah, she winked back. What up wi dat?Now I gotta worry about Julio the pool boy AND you?

  3. >If Michael has begun winking at Mrs. Geezer perhaps she should begin carrying a big rock in her hand.Seriously, do you think Michael is pony? They have such similar interests…I’m just sayin’.Elzbth

  4. >Michael as Pony?He’s clever enough but he was one of the first to ask who pony is.Could have been clever misdirection on his part.Have you checked out his blog?Michael’s CommentsOh yeah, I forgot, those Kite Strings were cut by David Copperfield… it was an Illusion.

  5. >Elzbth:Þú ert laglegur Elzbth , en a lygari.You know darn well that Pony is HayZeus. Looks like the cows aren’t the only ones attempting a “clever misdirection” around here.Geezer:Nope, not Swedish. You can translate from English to Icelandic and back here. This started as a joke on Jack’s blog, when Elzbth actually had me believing she was Icelandic by using this site. The results are usually pretty goofy when you translate from English to Icelandic and then retranslate back, but you can usually get the gist of the original.

  6. >Icelandic is an interesting language, by the way. If you translate “beautiful” from English to Icelandic and back, the translator literally translates the Icelandic word and comes back with “toothsome.” (So, I used “pretty” instead in my last comment.)

  7. >Hmmmm. Geezer, I think Michael doth protest too much. First he attempt to misdirect my alleged misdirection, then he changes the subject….I’m just sayin’ again.ÉG hugsa þú ert réttur. En ÉG vilja aldrei segja this í Englendingar! Ha!!

  8. >”attempts”Elzbth

  9. >It would have been better if the cows were just a little more sad. Maybe a chainsaw scene too.

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