>Can Bloggers Be SLAPPed?

>Bill McCrory, is my new-best-blogger-friend in Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho. He’s got some good links that all Bloggers should be aware of:

“Can Bloggers Be SLAPPed?

SLAPP is an acronym for Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation.
It refers to lawsuits, often by corporations, developers, and governmental officials to stifle public policy debate and public criticism by suing those who would debate or criticize.

To better understand what a SLAPP is, how to reduce your chances of being SLAPPed, and how to deal with a SLAPP if you are SLAPPed, see the California Anti-SLAPP Project’s Survival Guide for SLAPP Victims…”

Whitecaps: Can Bloggers Be SLAPPed?:

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  1. >The anti-SLAPP is a California state law, meaning if you’re not in that state, it doesn’t apply to you. I recently looked around Nevada for an anti-SLAPP statute and didn’t find anything.

  2. >Sobek, who are the good guys now, in Nevada?John Ensign probably.Anybody else come to mind?

  3. >Idaho needs anti-slapp legislation before they figure out they can do it.

  4. >Nevada does have an anti-SLAPP law. Please see the Federal Anti-SLAPP Project for a listing of state anti-SLAPP laws.

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