>Convert to Christianity? Execution Awaits.

>Mark Steyn, excellent as usual.

“The impending execution of Abdul Rahman for embracing Christianity is, of course, offensive to Westerners, and so around the world we reacted equally violently by issuing blood-curdling threats like that made by State Department spokesman Sean McCormack: ‘Freedom of worship is an important element of any democracy,’ he said. ‘And these are issues as Afghan democracy matures that they are going to have to deal with increasingly.’

You cannot ask Americans or Britons to expend blood and treasure to build a society in which a man can be executed for his choice of religion. You cannot tell a Canadian soldier serving in Kandahar that he, as a Christian, must sacrifice his life to create a Muslim state in which his faith is a capital offense…

Will we stick our necks out for his faith?:


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  1. >Good thing they’re moderate muslims or he’d really be in trouble.

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