Islam and Homosexuality

The Leftists might want to re-think their embracing of Islam as the Religion of Peace.

All the Real Christians I know, have compassion for Gays.

Here’s the Gateway Pundit’s take on the situation:

“…Looking at Saudia Arabian society, besides the public floggings, the life of a gay man is a closeted dream:

Security police arrested the men on March 10 at a private party held in a rented hall in Jeddah. The government-affiliated newspaper Al-Wifaq reported that the men at the party were dancing and “behaving like women.”

On or about March 26, a Jeddah court, meeting in a closed session in which defense attorneys were excluded, sentenced 31 of the men to prison for six months to one year, and to 200 lashes each, for unreported offenses. Four other men received two years’ imprisonment and 2,000 lashes…”

Gateway Pundit: Don’t Worry, Leftists… Islam Has a Place for the Homosexual

Cartoon by Cox and Forkum.


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  1. Beautiful. They think conservatives are bad? Hah!
    A few public beheadings later and they’ll be begging for rescue by Bush and Chaney.

  2. 2,000 lashes? Right or wrong, that WILL change your orientation.

  3. Yeah, I remember (maybe incorrectly) that the reason they only gave Jesus 29 lashes was that they thought 30 lashes would kill you.

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