Ten Commandments Explained

Ever wonder why some people object to the Ten Commandments? Well, it’s because they don’t read them the same way that you do.

Rodger has explained the difference for us: Read the Whole List

“…The term ‘Ten Commandments’ came up in today’s homily, and it reminded me how I simply cannot understand why anybody would object to their display? I began thinking of people I know, who get their panties bunched up over this subject, and what I think their objections would be…”


1 – I am the Lord thy God and thou shalt not have any strange gods before me.

Why They Hate It:

I have an IQ of 168, a degree in sociology, and I don’t believe in Santa.. You’re not the boss of me.

7 – Thou shalt not steal.

Do you mean shoplifting from the Wal-Mart oppressor? Or ripping oil from the Earth Mother?


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