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Letters from Desolation Row: Ask Pony Friday!

The picture is of our Gelding who got 3 of his teeth kicked out by the female Mule. He kept smelling her… Tail Area.
Let this be a lesson to you, Jack.


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  1. I just hate it when Mrs. Michael kicks me for the same reason. Fortunately, she hasn’t knocked out any teeth yet.

  2. Thanks for the insight Michael.
    I’m curious as to how Mrs. Michael knew that you had been smelling my female mule’s tail area.

    Might have been those photos that I sent her.

  3. 1. Was Michael wearing a batman suit in those photos?

    2. Does your gelding now get teeth implants or a bridge or something?

  4. I can vouch for Michael wearing the Bat-Belt.

    (it’s an old photo)
    The gelding’s teeth that got knocked out were his baby teeth. Two of his adult teeth have fully grown back and the other one is poking through. Took about 2 years though.

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