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Letters from Desolation Row: Ask Pony Friday!

The picture is of our Gelding who got 3 of his teeth kicked out by the female Mule. He kept smelling her… Tail Area.
Let this be a lesson to you, Jack.


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  1. >I just hate it when Mrs. Michael kicks me for the same reason. Fortunately, she hasn’t knocked out any teeth yet.

  2. >Thanks for the insight Michael. I’m curious as to how Mrs. Michael knew that you had been smelling my female mule’s tail area.Might have been those photos that I sent her.

  3. >1. Was Michael wearing a batman suit in those photos?2. Does your gelding now get teeth implants or a bridge or something?

  4. >I can vouch for Michael wearing the Bat-Belt.(it’s an old photo)The gelding’s teeth that got knocked out were his baby teeth. Two of his adult teeth have fully grown back and the other one is poking through. Took about 2 years though.

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