>SobekPundit for President!

>A Crocodile for Prez?
Is Free Beer involved?

“…And that’s another important part of my philosophy: interference with normal government operations. Not only will I refuse to do my job, I’ll make sure Congress doesn’t do its job, either. Same with the Supreme Court. And on my first day in Washington, I promise to fire the entire cabinet, the Joint Chiefs, and White House staff. Then I’ll call a press conference and see how long it takes the White House press corps to realize I’m not going to show up — that it’s all an elaborate practical joke. I will refuse to appoint new judges and ambassadors. I will veto every piece of legislation Congress sends my way, and I will hire goons to sabotage the cars of individual Congressmen to keep them from showing up and over-riding my vetoes…”

SobekPundit for President! Pt. 3:


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