Islam ~ All You Need to Know

I just discovered this essay. It was posted back in 2004 but it’s just as important to read today.

“…A certain “Joe”, who took issue with this tirade, inferred from it that I wanted to herd Muslims into crematoria, and suggested further that, if I were a Christian, I must have missed the part about loving my enemies.

Joe is typical of a particular species: the custardhead, who wills away that which must be done because it grates on his tender sensibilities. To a custardhead, the unpleasantness involved in shunning those who intend the rest of us harm is too disturbing to be borne. He’d much rather close his eyes and hope things will get better all by themselves.

When a militant movement that believes it has the right to rule all others is on the march, things will not “get better” by themselves. Only persons of low mentality could fail to see that.

If ostracizing those who believe vile and demented things is too unpleasant to contemplate, then what of the step that would be necessary after they’ve grown numerous enough and strong enough to act on their beliefs?…”

You should read it all:
Francis W. Porretto – Eternity Road:


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