Horses Running in the Snow

I thought the serious snow was all done for the year. Apparently so did the horses.

We had a surprise snowfall last night. I got up this morning and took about 100 pictures. One of my favorites is this one of the horses.

They were racing around and bucking… just feeling their oats (so to speak).


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  1. All the snow pretty much melted in a couple of hours.

  2. Love the picture….thanks for sharing!!

  3. All the snow pretty much melted in a couple of hours.

    That’s the best kind.

  4. I love it when you post pics. I want to move to Idaho so bad I can taste it, but it will still be a couple or so more years before it will be possible. In the meantine, I get to live vicariously through your blog. 🙂

  5. Thank you, comments like that make it worth the effort.

    Here’s the same photo without the snow.

    Here’s a link to some more Sunsets:

  6. Oh, and if you like Sunrises, have a look here:

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