>Funeral Protests Become Illegal

Idaho residents will remember with shame, the protest at the funeral for fallen female soldier, Carrie French.

The Oklahoma legislature must have forseen the same problem because they just put the hammer down on protesters.

“…Limit on protesters effective immediately.

Anyone protesting a funeral in Oklahoma will break the law.

Gov. Brad Henry on Friday signed into law a measure that will limit protests at funerals. The law took effect immediately.

Lawmakers passed the bill in response to members of a Kansas church protesting recently at soldiers’ funerals…”

Oklahoma declares war on Phelps family:


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  1. >You realize, of course, this will trigger an ACLU response to try to kill the new law.You can’t legislate common sense, and Phelp’s group had few friends, and were constantly intimidated by bikers, who now can’t counter-protest them.At one stroke, the well-meaning but dumb OK Legislature and gobernador have not only given Phelps the help he needs to spread his poison, but they have stymied the only effective mobile opposition to him at the same time.Idiots. Skokie all over again.

  2. >I’m not sure that will be the end result, but it is certainly possible.Thanks Rivrdog, for bringing that out.What do the rest of you think?It might come under the “Rule of Unintended Consequences”.

  3. >Rivrdog has a point, but I doubt it will play that way. Protesting at the funeral of someone who was not a public figure, utilizing the grief of that person’s family and friends to make a political point, is completely selfish, tacky, and inappropriate. So they didn’t have public sympathy and won’t get public support. They may get ACLU support, but that doesn’t necessarily mean what it used to mean. And the Phelps didn’t show up and protest at the most recent funeral. So perhaps they will utilize their right to protest in more appropriate locations. Elzbth

  4. >There’s a biker group now of roughly 5000 who will show up upon request to make them go away. I’m willing to bet that as word gets around, that group gets bigger, and sooner or later TSWHTF.

  5. >Two points I want to make.One: The Phelps family has been down here a couple of times already. Now that we’ve passed the law, they’re giving up protesting here, at least for now.Two: It’s just a matter of time before their antics result in violence. I’m surprised that they got out of Oklahoma without injury after their last visit.SCOTUS has already decided that “fighting words” aren’t protected free speech, nor is yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre. Free speech doesn’t mean what most people think it means.

  6. >How’s about the simple fact that the families and loved ones just don’t have to deal with these assholes.Of COURSE they’re going to think and feel how they do. They’ll get theirs.

  7. >I read about this on another blog when the legislature was in session voting on this bill. There is hardly a person out there that would want to have one of their loved ones ‘protested’ by this demented group. They have no heart OR soul whatsoever. How can they? Its one of the worst things I had ever heard of besides those other maggots that protest outside Walter Reid and others. I would think that under states rights and the Legislatures power this would not be contrary to Constitutional issue. The purpose of the ‘law’ was to stop people from encroaching upon a funeral. Of all things:A funeral! So a ‘law’ is made just like any other law say for motor vehicle violations. Just becasue I can drive a car doesn’t mean the State ‘owes’ me a license. The ACLU can bitch all they want. In a ‘Roberts’ court they can kiss his ‘briefs’.

  8. >riverdog, next time you make some smug comment trashing a state you obviously have no idea about, take a few minutes and try to practice a little fucking restraint. You think because Oklahoma passed a law forbidding the prostesting of a funeral WITHIN 500 FEET OF THE GRAVESITE, (guess your edumacated yuppiefied ass couldnt condesend to even read the ENTIRE FUCKING LAW before you pass judgement on it),that makes us backwards? How incredibly insightful of you, O holier-than-thou yankee. Thanks for clearing that up. In short riverdog, take your pretentious attitude and shove it right back up the hole that made you famous with all your east coast buddies.Douchebag

  9. >Very good thoughts! I read the whole article, and it was just simply bizarre. It's very nice…..

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