>French Marines Hit the Beach

Standard Disclaimer: It’s Old, Fake or Photoshopped.

Here’s a cute video of some Fwench Marines hitting the beach.

Hilarity ensues.

H/T Kelso the Skydiving Realtor.


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  1. >Funny stuff.Geezer, I read the list of “good” celebrities, and I noticed you mentioned Jimmy Durante. I have heard of him, but I associated him with old-time radio programs and that movie with the elephant (Elephant? What elephant?). That was made in the 1950’s, I believe, and he was no spring chicken then. Was he still working in Las Vegas in 1969 or thereafter?

  2. >That was me.Elzbth

  3. >Hi Elzbth,I’m guessing it was around 1970 or shortly thereafter. I was running a spotlight at the Desert Inn hotel. He had a pretty funny show. He used to have an ongoing (fake) feud with the conductor, Carleton Hayes. I remember one bit about him keeping a case of cantalopes under the kitchen sink. “I don’t know if the detergents are ruining the cantalopes or vice versa”.See that isn’t very funny to read but to see him do it was classic.At the end of his engagement, the head Lightman, Kenny Jones, gave Jimmy a case of cantalopes. Pictures were taken…He was a very entertaining performer.

  4. >These Marines are the guys who lost Algeria. Go figure.

  5. >Thanks, Geezer. I enjoyed that story.

  6. >funny video but actually they are Royal Marines from the UK, they have on British desert pattern camo and helmets and British assault weapons as well, must have spent to long in the pub the night before.cheersCarlton

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