More Oscar Predictions

I swiped this from Dave at Garfield Ridge.

“…Robin Williams will appear on stage for one of his traditional improvisations. He will begin by assuming the voice of Dick Cheney, on a hunting trip, which will then morph into Elmer Fudd, then into George Bush. He will finish with a mincing impersonation of gay cowboys.
The whole performance will last just four minutes. It will feel like forty. When it finally ends, the audience is left to grapple with their own problems (for one in four, it’s herpes)…”

Gutfeld’s Oscar Predictions 2006

H/T Dave
(That’s not him in the photo… I think)

It’s actually Jocelyn Wildenstein.


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  1. Oh, my! I am not only stunned, I have lost my appetite. Who, or what, is in that picture?

  2. I checked out the awful plastic surgery site. Incredible what people do to themselves. Particularly all the lip inflations, they look so weird. I just don’t get it.

    As for Jocelyn, I can’t help but wonder what she told the dude when she went in for the chin job. Did she ask for the Jay Leno chin?

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