Bunny Huggers Convicted

Lest anyone think that I’m into animal cruelty, bunnies freely frolic unmolested around Geezer Acres. Sometimes up to 30 at time. It’s really cute when the new babies come out for the first time. They’re about the size of Golden Retriever puppies and just as cute.
That said, I think it’s great that these fools got convicted.
As one of the commenters said, “I’m pretty much happy whenever anyone who’s planning terroristic acts is arrested, no matter what their skin color or faith.”

“…Six animal-rights activists that ran a front group for pipe-bombers discovered that the nation has lost patience with violent protests, and now face as much as 23 years behind bars for their connections to vandalism, bombings, and death threats against medical researchers. The verdict is the first conviction under a law passed fourteen years ago to stop attacks on research facilities and their staffs:

An animal rights group and six of its members were convicted of terrorism and Internet stalking yesterday by a federal jury that found them guilty of using their Web site to incite attacks on those who did business with or worked for a British company that runs an animal testing laboratory in New Jersey…”


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  1. They won’t do well in prison.

  2. Oh, they’ll do fine as long as they remember not to drop the soap in the shower.


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