>Youth Sports Turn Deadly.

Twenty-five years ago, when my kids were all playing sports, we tried to attend as many games as we could. We also coached for a few years. I tried to keep things low-key and I stressed having fun versus winning. I doubt that any of those kids remember the win/loss numbers for the season, but they all remembered if they had a good time. For the most part, the parents were friendly, helpful and balanced, but we ran into a few… um… Unusual Parents. Dare I say, Nuts?

Captain Ed has a report on an Overachieving Parent.

“…As anyone who has spent time with youth sports programs knows, some parents push their children into competitive sports as a means of living vicariously through them. These parents will berate their children, insult other parents and league officials, and become very demanding and very tiresome. They don’t usually turn deadly, as one French father did in ensuring that his children won their tennis matches:…”

Captain’s Quarters:


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