Unrepentant Bode: ‘Man, I Rocked Here’

Correct me if I’m wrong:

Didn’t people donate money to send this guy to the Olympics?

Didn’t he eliminate somebody that had their own Olympic Dream?

Didn’t he twist his ankle playing Basketball… right before his race?

Did the U.S. just send him there to party?

“…’I just did it my way. I’m not a martyr, and I’m not a do-gooder. I just want to go out and rock. And man, I rocked here,’ Miller said in an exclusive interview with The Associated Press soon after he skidded off the slalom course in his fifth and final race, completing an 0-for-the-Olympics…”

“…”Look at what happened to Rahlves. He was holed up in his RV, he’s probably the fittest guy out here and he made a point of talking about how important the Olympics were to him,” Miller said. “And then look — a little bad luck and he’s got nothing to show for the whole thing.

“Me, it’s been an awesome two weeks,” Miller said. “I got to party and socialize at an Olympic level.”

Unrepentant Bode: ‘Man, I Rocked Here’:


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  1. Yeah this guy has to be one of the biggest assholes we ever sent to the Olympics. I’m glad he didn’t win crap, but pissed that because he went, someone who, you know, maybe actually wanted to win in the Olympics couldn’t go. Contrast his ‘tude with that of the guy who donated his $25,000 prize to the Sudan genocide relief effort, or to the guy who donated his winnings to an organization that brings sports to third world nations. But for Bode Miller, it’s all about Bode Miller. Asshat.

  2. Well spoken, Scott.

    Go visit Scott’s blog at Elemenohpee

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