>Ice Dancing Rant

Gee I hope admitting that I (kinda) watched the Ice Dancing doesn’t make me seem too gay.
Uh…. I know… I was rebuilding my Harley on the kitchen table at the same time.


Anyway, the commentators were dissin’ the pair from Israel because they were skating to the music “Bolero“.
If you’re still here, you’re probably asking yourself… why?

The reason they were OFFENDED was because back in 1984… you know OVER TWENTY YEARS AGO… Torville and Dean skated to the SAME SONG.
Guess What… They aren’t competing against Torville and Dean. Who Cares?
I wish I had a penny every time I heard someone sing “New York, New York” in an audition. Seems like it’s a pretty popular Skating Song also, along with Phantom of the Opera and Hello Dolly. Man I wish those songs would be banned.

The Americans looked good and had fun with excellent chemistry. They eventually won the Silver Medal.

When the Fwench couple came onto the ice, I told Mrs. Geezer “I bet they are skating to Les Miserable”.
She was amazed when that proved to be true.
Hey, Les Miz is my all-time-favorite Broadway show. I recognized the look of the costumes.
(I bet that revelation pegged the Gaydar meter.)

The Italian couple were pissed off and didn’t even look at each other until their dance.

I’ll stop now.


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  1. >Do you usually rebuild your Harley while listening to your Broadway’s Favorite Hits CD? I tried to watch the ice dancing, but something happened. I think I slipped into a coma.Elzbth

  2. >I was skinning a buck and drinking beer.

  3. >Yeah, but it was Lite beer…

  4. >The only reason I watch the ladies figure skate is because I keep hoping one of them will split their pants while doing the splits on the ice

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