>How to Dance Like a White Guy

This comes under the heading of Public Service Announcements.

Don’t got no rhythm?
Can’t get no Babes?
Learn to Dance, Suckah.

You’ve seen these guys on the dance floor with the hot chicks…
Now learn how to

Hilarious QuickTime video about Honky Dancin’.
It’s about 5.5 megs.

Check out the other Vids at http://www.giantketchup.com/

H/T Elemenohpee.


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  1. >Most white guys have an innate ability to “honky dance.” They don’t need dance lessons. Well, maybe that means they DO need dance lessons. Elzbth

  2. >I guess I should have indicated that it’s Lori Darlin along with Mrs. Geezer, fondling Fabio.

  3. >Reminds me of the old Billy Crystal gag about guys dancing with “white man’s overbite.” Y’know, when they’re really trying to git down.

  4. >Kelly got that right.And he spelled ‘git’ in the proper style also.

  5. >My kids laugh at the way I dance.Is that a bad thing? Cuz, I think I’m bustin’ some pretty cool moves.Fuck those kids.

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