Harry Reid and Abramoff

Captain Ed is on the case:
Captain’s Quarters

“…This isn’t the first time that Reid’s connections to Abramoff have come up, but the AP has drawn much more clear lines between Reid and Abramoff than was known before. The AP also reminds its readers that Abramoff hired a former Reid staffer as one of its lobbyists, who promptly held fundraisers for Reid from the lobbyist’s offices — fact we noted seven months ago. Reid took over $40,000 from Abramoff clients for his enthusiastic bargaining on their behalf.

Again, without a doubt, Abramoff spent more money and effort on courting the GOP; after all, they are the party in power, and have been for a few years now. Democrats have made themselves look foolish by trying to convince people that the corruption only affected the GOP, though, and the revelations about their party leader will make that hypocrisy even more transparent…”


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  1. Reid’s defense just looks silly. He says “I never even met the guy,” but of course meeting him isn’t a crime. It’s the influence. If Harry can somehow manage to explain how any Republicans did something different from what he did, I’d be keenly interested in seeing it. Otherwise, he’ll keep looking like a … well, like a Democrat.

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